Teddi Mellencamp Criticizes Use of Filters on Children: "Making Our Kids Look Like Kids"

On Monday, the mother of two shared a post on Instagram calling for filters and "facial applications and adjustments" for the kids.

The mom shared a selfie of herself and her daughter, Dove, filtering the 2 year old and pointing out the "next level" effect.

"All you kids with 'face apps and tweaks' have really taken it up a notch on the gram. How about all the filters we 18+ can use that we like …… but that make our kids look like kids," she wrote in the caption, before expressing her happiness that filters weren't part of her childhood.

"I'm thankful that none of these apps or anything other than transparent neon home phones, Polaroid cameras and pagers were around when I was growing up. Who's with me? #thefilteredlife," she writes.

Many users are using Mellencamp.

"Teddy, I agree with you. the existence of Photoshop and face-tune is sad. #nofilterneeded," reads one comment.

"I'm with you, Dauphin is precious," wrote another user.

Mellencamp's post specifically addresses the use of filters for children, but some fans took the sentiment further in the comments.

"Turning 18? Let's try to embrace ourselves, love ourselves, not filter and not push the unrealistic narrative that we should change our appearance to reflect the insane amount of depression and low self-esteem that has permeated social media and led to plague young people. People today?" Asked one user.

"How about women just being women and not using filters. Definitely one of the many reasons for our young girls' self-esteem. They think you guys are really flawless," wrote another.

Mellencamp originally shared the original photo of her and her daughter in April, when her daughter suffered from croup.

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