You've probably never heard of this trick for storing the exploding bread on TikTok

Have you ever come across something that looks simple but is absolutely genius? Well, this bread storage hack that's all the rage on TikTok is sure to blow your mind! TikToker @mommacusses is showing off her handy gadget, Buddeez Bread Buddy, and she's got talent. Millions of people now keep their bread fresh much longer than they would if they just used plastic bags, and save time and money while doing so. Join the club and start enjoying fresh bread all week without having to endure the dreaded process of securing plastic bags with a tie. How many times have you lost that thing?

The Buddeez Bread Buddy is only $13, very affordable and very cool. If you have kids, you know they're not good at completely closing bread bags. Your child makes a sandwich and the next thing you know the bread bag is open in the cupboard and the bread is no longer fresh. the Bread Buddy is as easy to close as any container and your child will actually have fun.

As the @mommacusses TikTok video shows, the Bread Buddy is easy to use and refill. Made of food-grade plastic, this clever bread dispenser makes things easy and stylish. Place your store-bought bread in the bag it comes in and place it in the Bread Buddy with the opening facing up. Unfold the opening of the bread bag over the top edge of the Bread Buddy, then tightly close the sealing lid, and voila! Now you have bakery fresh bread that can be easily obtained in seconds with no hassle. If you don't have enough slices in your current loaf, simply pull on the edge of the plastic bag to lift and grab the slices.

Cleaning the Bread Buddy is a piece of cake, and it's made without the use of BPA. It holds most brands of standard size sliced bread and can hold multiple full loaves.

We recommend checking out the TikTok video if you are a visual learner, but this gadget is very easy to use. Your kids will love the Bread Buddy - and so will you when your bread is as fresh as the day you bought it.

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